Suzane Van Amburgh, 6th dan, Shidoin

Suzane Van Amburgh designs and delivers embodied learning programs to effect transformational change that sticks.  Founder of Space To Move consultancy and Chief Instructor of Aikido Multnomah Aikikai, Van Amburgh has actively practiced the connection between martial arts, somatics and organizational effectiveness for the past ten years. A 35 year practitioner of the non-competitive martial art of aikido*, Suzane has learned to make good use of the ground and practice embodied resilience. As a certified aikido teacher (shidoin, 6th degree black belt) balance trainer and somatic practitioner, Suzane has a gift for coaching people to recognize what they do and introduce small changes to improve effectiveness. Combined with her 20 years experience organizing groups of people to collaborate on projects, Van Amburgh brings a unique expertise to the challenges of change, leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Contact Suzane:

Book a phone meeting with Suzane: http://tinyurl.com/suzanebyphone

Contact Suzane Van Amburgh by email: spacetomoveinfo(at)gmail.com

Embodied Learning

Suzane crafts embodied learning programs that give people a sensory experience of conceptual ideas.  Once people have a kinesthetic, sensory experience of a mental concept, such as resilient, supple or centered, they take the experience with them and weave new options into their interpersonal encounters. Akin to a timed-release medicine, embodied learning allows people to respond to the unexpected with grace, maturity and acumen.

Popular concepts to explore include resilience, centering and balance. Outcomes promote improved ability to navigate complexity, empathize with others and engage in leadership as a practice. The embodied learning activities are layered with somatic awareness and relevancy to workplace encounters. As participants take the practice into their everyday life, they cultivate adaptability and suppleness in their interpersonal encounters.

Van Amburgh has presented for:

  • Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), 2017, Portland OR
  • International Humanistic Management Conference 2017, Seattle WA
  • Organization Development Network, Oregon Chapter, 2017, Portland OR
  • Girls Inc., 2017, Portland OR
  • Stoel Rives, 2013, Portland OR
  • Sustainable Northwest, 2013, Portland OR
  • Metaskills/ Banfield Corporate headquarters, 2012, Portland OR

Group training programs:

1. Space To Move® original programs and series include: Embodied Learning: Make Peace with Your Blind SpotAikido and the Art of Negotiation,  The Balance Lab., Centering is a Dynamic Activity, Center Yourself Tuesdays,   Orientation to PracticeKeep Your Balance! (fall prevention program for seniors), Balance Challenge Circuit Training Course, Let Go of Me! and The Lines of Engagement.

2. Ongoing training programs at Multnomah Aikikai include aikido and iaido.

For information on group programs send email to spacetomoveinfo@gmail.com


What is your professional challenge? Do you have a client you are working with who could benefit from embodied learning? Let’s put our heads together.  I thrive on collaboration and embrace the opportunity to design a learning program to suit your needs. I have ideas to help people sense the conceptual as a vivid whole body experience. We can embed a segment of targeted embodied learning activities within your training or program.

Questions, comments? Wish to schedule a phone meeting with Suzane Van Amburgh? Send email to spacetomoveinfo@gmail.com or go to the online booking page and select a time slot that works for you: http://tinyurl.com/Suzanebyphone 

Individual training:

Practice skills of balance, attention, centering, proprioception, sensory motor coordination….through all ages;  all seasons of life. The principles of traditional martial arts and the methodology of “how we learn” are applied to the sacred ongoing work of sculpting your sense of self.

Balance and coordination sessions

Private lessons in aikido, sword and jo staff handling

Book an individual session with Suzane: suzane.acuityscheduling.com

Find your Space To Move at Multnomah Aikikai.

The confluence of Multnomah Aikikai and Space To Move offers the synergy of martial arts practice and somatic education sparking embodied learning and human transformation.

*See Suzane demonstrating aikido: Click to view video

Multnomah Aikikai is located at 6415 SW Macadam Ave, Portland OR 97239

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