Embodied Practice

The brain is sculpted by movement. The relationship between movement and healthy brain functioning is clear. Recent research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and movement science has catapulted our understanding of the brain and human potential throughout the lifetime. An explosion of new questions is fueling new research avenues. Neuroplasticity has burst out of the closet and into mainstream media. Our concept of “aging” is rapidly changing. *

A regular movement practice wherein you pay attention to what you are doing moment by moment is essential to brain health and longevity. Movement sculpts the brain.

Repetitive exercise without active attention ain’t gonna do it.  Working a stationary bike or treadmill while you watch TV ain’t gonna do it.

Traditional martial movement arts such as Aikido, Iaido, Judo, Tai-chi, and Kendo provide the opportunity for regular training of this whole brain/body functioning. Mind and body are no longer experienced as separate. Skills in attention and proprioception can be cultivated under the supervision of a good teacher.

Attention, breathing, proprioception and sensing the influence of gravity can be trained outside the context of a martial arts dojo as well. Somatic practices such as Awareness Through Movement® explore the inextricable links between sensing, thinking, feeling and action.

Where to start?  Contact Suzane Van Amburgh for a consultation: spacetomoveinfo@gmail.com, 503-683-2275

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* If you’re up for delving into a rabbit hole of reading fascinating research and articles, begin here and have fun following the links: http://balanceandcoordination.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/neuroplasticity-and-how-we-learn/

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