Make Peace with Your Blind Spot: Embodied Learning

Program overview

“Embodied Learning: Make Peace with Your Blind Spot”

When someone presses you in an unexpected way, how do you respond? Are you brittle or supple; robust or resilient? When your blind spot is stimulated do you recover with elegant maturity; or do you find yourself maneuvering to defend?

We’ll bring mental concepts such as disruption, blind spot, resilience and adaptability into physical movement activities to promote embodied learning. Once we have a kinesthetic, sensory experience of a mental construct, we take the experience with us into our interpersonal encounters. Akin to a timed-release medicine, embodied learning allows us to respond to the unexpected with grace, maturity and acumen.

This program was presented to the Oregon Chapter of the Organization Development Network (ODN) September 2017. View the post.

Participant feedback:

I am so glad that I came to the “Embodied Learning: Make Peace with Your Blind Spot” event yesterday.  Your demonstrations of accepting the unexpected and learning how to use it instead of just resist it were enlightening on so many levels!”  ~ Patrick Harmon, PMP


The “Embodied Learning: Make Peace with Your Blind Spot” seminar is a powerful application of embodied learning principles. By bringing our whole body into the discourse our skills are more deeply embedded, and more easily accessible for real-world implementation. It’s unlike any experience I’ve ever seen before! Cutting edge! 

~ Maria Landau Henkle, PMP


This program can be delivered as a 45′-60′  “keynote” or as a half-day program offering a bit more depth and additional partner activities.  Bring this program to your group! Contact Suzane Van Amburgh, spacetomoveinfo (at), 503-683-2275

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