Orientation to Practice starts Sep. 23, 2014

Orientation to Practice is the Fall theme for Center Yourself Tuesdays:

Practice is a mind set and an activity where you repeat an operation or movement, assessing and attending to how you do it. You introduce new variables, try something, make mistakes, form questions, change strategy and try again.

This can happen at a very mental/analytical level or it can happen with a more diffuse mindset. We can explore, play, fall, get up, try again. Sometimes we engage in practice with knitted brow and self judgement, but learning often slows down under such circumstances. Practice can be approached with an open curious mindset, a sense of humor and compassion for self.

When you start something new there’s a transition; an adjustment is required.  So often we are thrust into a situation where we must perform before we’ve even had a chance to get our bearings.

Whatever your practice, give yourself time and space to orient. Come to the dojo Tuesdays 5:30pm for a half hour orientation to practice.

A dojo is a place where we “practice the way.” At Multnomah Aikikai our primary practice is the martial art of Aikido. In this class, utilizing basic movements of Aikido, you will orient to the joy of practice. Whether you continue with Aikido practice or take up another practice, you will have cultivated the inner tools to direct your own learning with compassion, a sense of humor and the joy of movement.

Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:00pm, starting September 23, 2014

FREE during Sep. 23- Oct. 28 

Instructor: Suzane Van Amburgh

Location: Multnomah Aikikai,  6415 SW Macadam Ave, Portland OR 97239

Train your brain, Move your body, Center yourself.

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