Bokken Basics: Center Yourself Tuesdays in December

In this Center Yourself Tuesday series for December, we will study the fundamentals of sword work using the wooden bokken while practicing an eight part kata. No falling is required in this class. Footwork patterns include pivoting, sliding and stepping forward and backward. If you do not have your own bokken you may borrow one from the school during class time.  Come practice! Center yourself with the wooden sword, balance and breath.

During this class we will:

•    Raise the sword in line with the spine
•    Execute sword motions relative to the center line of the body
•    Move our upper body so it’s supported by the motion of the lower body
•    Develop footwork that supports movements of the sword

By learning these skills we will :

make good use of the ground so that gravity becomes a friendly force • enable our bones to transmit power cleanly so that our muscles can relax • engage the left hand so that it knows what the right hand is doing • educate the left and right half’s of our bodies to coordinate around a central axis • allow our ribs to expand and contract in sync with the rise and fall of the sword and breath • allow our eyes to settle and align with our intention •  improve our balance so that dynamic stability is realized

“Being centered” and “moving from center” will shift from abstract concepts to tangible experiences.

Your instructor: Suzane Van Amburgh

This class is open to the public for a $10 drop in fee.
Free to Regular and Community Members of Multnomah Aikikai.
Center Yourself, Tuesdays, 5:30-6:00pm

Find your Space to Move® at Multnomah Aikikai: 6415 SW Macadam Ave, Portland OR 97239

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